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No. of RoomsUnit TypeSqftPrice Min.Price Max.
1 Bedroom1BR-a / 1BR-a-PH / 1BR-aR / 1BR-aR-PH / 1BR-b /1BR-b-PH / 1BR-bR / 1BR-bR-PH / 1BR-c / 1BR-c-PH / 1BR-cR-PH484 - 657$7xx,xxx-
1 Bedroom + study1BR-Sa / 1BR-Sa-PH / 1BR-Sb / 1BR-Sb-PH / 1BR-Sc / 1BR-Sc-PH560 - 700$8xx,xxx-
2 bedroom2BR-Ca / 2BR-Ca-PH / 2BR-CaR / 2BR-CaR-PH / 2BR-Cb / 2BR-Cb-PH / 2BR-CbR / 2BR-CbR-PH635 - 797$1,051,000-
2 Bedroom + Study2BR-Sa / 2BR-Sa-PH / 2BR-Sb / 2BR-Sb-PH829 - 980$1,573,000-
2 Bedroom Premium2BR-Pa / 2BR-Pa-PH / 2BR-Pb / 2BR-Pb-PH / 2BR-Pc / 2BR-Pc-PH / 2BR-Pd / 2BR-Pd-PH / 2BR-Pe / 2BR-Pe-PH / 2BR-Pf / 2BR-Pf-PH / 2BR-Pg / 2BR-Pg-PH / 2BR-Ph / 2BR-Ph-PH657 - 893$1,494,000-
3 Bedroom3BR-Ca / 3BR-Ca-PH / 3BR-CaR / 3BR-CaR-PH / 3BR-CaRR / 3BR-CaRR-PH / 3BR-Cb / 3BR-Cb-PH / 3BR-CbR / 3BR-CbR-PH / 3BR-Cc / 3BR-Cc-PH / 3BR-CcR / 3BR-CcR-PH / 3BR-Cd / 3BR-Cd-PH904 - 1,109TBA-
3 Bedroom Premium3BR-Pa / 3BR-Pa-PH / 3BR-Pb / 3BR-Pb-PH / 3BR-Pc / 3BR-Pc-PH / 3BR-Pd / 3BR-Pd-PH / 3BR-Pe / 3BR-Pe-PH936 - 1,249TBA-
4 Bedroom Compact + Study4BR-Ca / 4BR-Ca-PH1,195 - 1,346TBA-
4 Bedroom Premium4BR-Pa / 4BR-Pa-PH / 4BR-Pb / 4BR-Pb-PH / 4BR-Pc / 4BR-Pc-PH1,165 - 1,709TBA-
5 Bedroom5BR / 5BR-PH1,165 - 1,709TBA-
Corner Terrace-2,110TBA-
Shop 1Commercial463$1,967,750-
Shop 2Commercial474$2,014,500-
Shop 3Commercial474$2,014,500$2,014,500
Shop 6Commercial474$2,014,500$2,014,500

(All prices for Normanton Park  displayed here are for reference purposes. Prices are subject to change from time to time without prior notice. This webpage cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions and/or dispute.)

normanton park condo price

Normanton Park is a premium residential complex located in Singapore that offers a range of luxurious condominium units. The pricing for these units varies depending on the size, type, and location of the unit within the complex.

The Normanton Park en-bloc deal is one of the biggest seen in Singapore. It was sold for $830.1 million, which is 30 million in excess of the reserve price. Normanton Park Condo was built in the mid-1970s by the Ministry of Defence with the purpose of fostering camaraderie among its officers is approximately 660,999 sqft in size and encompasses 13 blocks of 488 apartments. It was a well-loved home by its residents as it was located near nature parks.

Kingsford Development is the winning bidder for the site. The developer was interested in the land due to its redevelopment potential and its proximity to the Buona Vista growth area that includes One North and Science Park.

In addition to the $830.1 million Normanton Park condo price tag paid by Kingsford for the site, the developer also needs to make additional payments of $2.834 million in differential premium and 2.311 million in lease top-up to 99 years. The eventual price tag for Kingsford for the Normanton Park site is $969 PSF per plot ratio based on a gross floor area of 1.39 million square feet, the plot ratio being 2.1.

Analysts concluded that this is one of the highest Normanton Park prices per square foot per plot ratio a developer has paid for a leasehold of 99 years of land.

As above-mentioned, the land cost of Normanton Park is $1344.6 million. Factoring in construction costs, taxes, marketing, and other costs, which are estimated to be $665 million. Therefore the estimated breakeven costs for Kingsford Waterbay to launch Normanton Park before the developer margin is $1,448 Normanton Park price PSF per plot ratio. If we include a 20% developer margin, the estimated launch price could be $1,738 psf.

The summary of Normanton park psf:
Land Cost: $969 psf ppr
Estimated Construction Cost: $368 psf
Estimated Professional Costs/Taxes: $94 psf
Estimated Marketing Cost: $17 psf
Estimated Breakeven: $1,448 psf
Developer’s Profit Margin: 20%
Estimated Launch psf: $1,738 psf

Last Updated: 27 August 2023

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