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Floor Plan

1BR-a + 1 BR-a-PH

Type 1BR-a + 1 BR-a-PH

1BR-bR + 1 BR-bR-PH

Type 1BR-bR + 1 BR-bR-PH

1BR-Sa + 1 BR-Sa-PH

Type 1BR-Sa + 1 BR-Sa-PH

1BR-aR + 1 BR-aR-PH

Type 1BR-aR + 1 BR-aR-PH

1BR-c + 1 BR-c-PH

Type 1BR-c + 1 BR-c-PH

1BR-Sb + 1 BR-Sb-PH

Type 1BR-Sb + 1 BR-Sb-PH

1BR-b + 1 BR-b-PH

Type 1BR-b + 1 BR-b-PH

1BR-cR + 1 BR-cR-PH

Type 1BR-cR + 1 BR-cR-PH

1BR-Sc + 1 BR-Sc-PH

Type 1BR-Sc + 1 BR-Sc-PH

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2BR-CaR + 2BR-CaR-PH

Type 2BR-CaR + 2BR-CaR-PH

2BR-Cb + 2BR-Cb-PH

Type 2BR-Cb + 2BR-Cb-PH

2BR-CbR + 2BR-CbR-PH

Type 2BR-CbR + 2BR-CbR-PH

2BR-Pb + 2BR-Pb-PH

Type 2BR-Pb + 2BR-Pb-PH

2BR-Pa + 2BR-Pa-PH

Type 2BR-Pa + 2BR-Pa-PH

2BR-Pf + 2BR-Pf-PH

Type 2BR-Pf + 2BR-Pf-PH

2BR-Sa + 2BR-Sa-PH

Type 2BR-Sa + 2BR-Sa-PH

2BR-Pc + 2BR-Pc-PH

Type 2BR-Pc + 2BR-Pc-PH

2BR-Pd + 2BR-Pd-PH

Type 2BR-Pd + 2BR-Pd-PH

2BR-Pg + 2BR-Pg-PH

Type 2BR-Pg + 2BR-Pg-PH

2BR-Sb + 2BR-Sb-PH

Type 2BR-Sb + 2BR-Sb-PH

2BR-Ca + 2BR-Ca-PH

Type 2BR-Ca + 2BR-Ca-PH

2BR-Pe + 2BR-Pe-PH

Type 2BR-Pe + 2BR-Pe-PH

2BR-Ph + 2BR-Ph-PH

Type 22BR-Ph + 2BR-Ph-PH

3BR-Ca + 3BR-Ca-PH

Type 3BR-Ca + 3BR-Ca-PH

3BR-Cb + 3BR-Cb-PH

Type 3BR-Cb + 3BR-Cb-PH

3BR-CcR + 3BR-CcR-PH

Type 3BR-CcR + 3BR-CcR-PH

3BR-Pc + 3BR-Pc-PH

Type 3BR-Pc + 3BR-Pc-PH

3BR-Pe + 3BR-Pe-PH

Type 3BR-Pe + 3BR-Pe-PH

3BR-CaR + 3BR-CaR-PH

Type 3BR-CaR + 3BR-CaR-PH

3BR-CbR + 3BR-CbR-PH

Type 3BR-CbR + 3BR-CbR-PH

3BR-Cd + 3BR-Cd-PH

Type 3BR-Cd + 3BR-Cd-PH

3BR-Pb + 3BR-Pb-PH

Type 3BR-Pb + 3BR-Pb-PH


Type 3BR-CaRR + 3BR-CaRR-PH

3BR-Cc + 3BR-Cc-PH

Type 3BR-Cc + 3BR-Cc-PH

3BR-Pa + 3BR-Pa-PH

Type 3BR-Pa + 3BR-Pa-PH

3BR-Pd + 3BR-Pd-PH

Type 3BR-Pd + 3BR-Pd-PH

4BR-Ca + 4BR-Ca-PH

Type 4BR-Ca + 4BR-Ca-PH

4BR-Pd + 4BR-Pd-PH

Type 4BR-Pd + 4BR-Pd-PH

4BR-Pa + 4BR-Pa-PH

Type 4BR-Pa + 4BR-Pa-PH

4BR-Pc + 4BR-Pc-PH

Type 4BR-Pc + 4BR-Pc-PH

Normanton Park Floor Plan Type 5BR + 5BR-PH

Type 5BR + 5BR-PH

Terrance House 1

Type 1

Terrance House 2

Type 2

Normanton Park Floor Plan Type Commercial


Normanton Park is a luxurious residential complex located in Singapore that offers a range of modern and spacious condominium units. A large swimming pool, exercise facilities, tennis courts, and beautifully groomed gardens are just a few of the perks of living at Normanton Park. The floor plans for these units are designed to maximize space and provide residents with a comfortable and functional living environment.

Normanton Park has a 1–5 bedroom type, terrace type, and floor plan to satisfy different family members’ preferences and needs. The Normanton Park Condo Floor Plan makes up a combination of 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms, suitable for building capitalists as well as families. The Normanton Park Floor Plan pdf is designed with functional area preparation for creative house decoration in addition to usable space.

If you require the floor plan of Normanton Park, you can download floorplans from here with one simple click. The specific floor plans can vary depending on the type of unit, such as apartment units, penthouses, or strata landed houses.

Most family members would no doubt be considering the Normanton park layout. Here are some of the bedroom’s floor plans available in Normanton Park:

1) 1 Bedroom
2) 2 Bedroom
3) 3 Bedroom
4) 4 Bedroom
5) 5 Bedroom
6) Terrace House
7) Commercial

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Last Updated: January 22, 2024

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