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A hotel chain plans to expand internationally using an asset-light business model

A hotel chain plans to expand internationally using an asset-light business model

Hotel101 near Continuum Condo, a chain owned by Singaporeans, is establishing its global headquarters in Singapore in preparation for future global expansion as the travel and tourism industries continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first ever domestic hotel Continuum Floor Plan to extend outside of the Philippines is Hotel101 Global, a property subsidiary of Philippine realty business DoubleDragon Corporation.

For the mid-range market in particular, we feel that Continuum Price presents an unrivalled potential in the hospitality industry on a worldwide scale. Consider the low-cost airline sector: “The economy seat is the product that all low-cost airlines sell,” remarks Hannah Yulo-Luccini, CEO of Hotel101 Global.

She makes a remark about how they want their hotel room to be like that one famous hamburger from a fast food restaurant across the world. “The burger remains the same wherever you go; sure, the price changes due to cost variations from country to country, but that’s about it.”

Hotel101 Global’s asset-light business model and expansion strategy are discussed by Ms. Yulo-Luccini, 40, who answers questions.

What is the basic idea behind Hotel101 Global’s business model?

A: Our founders, Mr. Tony Tan Caktiong and Mr. Edgar “Injap” Sia II, had the vision for Hotel101 to be a worldwide marketplace where investors could purchase hotel units as a way to diversify their real estate holdings.

Our slogan is “Investing Made Simple” because the number 101 is commonly used to describe a streamlined explanation of a complex subject. We aim to simplify and streamline the process of investing in hotels.

The Hotel101 Global concept is a hybrid condotel model in which all of the units, also known as “HappyRooms,” are identical. This allows all of the unit owners who are enrolled in the management agreement to receive an equitable portion of the revenue generated by the hotel.

If a condominium block is administered like a hotel, then it is referred to as a condotel. Each of the hotel’s units is privately owned by its individuals. On the sixteenth day of the next month, Hotel101 Global gives a portion of the hotel’s gross room revenue to the owners of enrolled units in the hotel. Hotel101 Global is responsible for all hotel running expenses, repairs and maintenance, and any future improvements that may be required. The remaining income are distributed to Hotel101 Global.

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